WIP Wednesday (09/11/17)

Hello all. Time for another WIP wednesday.

I finished the mittens to go with the hat. I have just finished writing up the patterns so I shouldnt be far off publishing.

I am no further along on the scarf – I am not too worried about it though as other projects are taking priority.

Those projects are the continuation of my partners christmas gifts and starting on a christmas wreath. I am still super behind on the myatery project but I am getting there. I am covering holiday in reception today and friday so hopefully it will be a quiet one and I will be able to get some quality crochet time in. I hope to get to the 50% point by the end of my shift on friday night. 

The wreath is just beginning so its nor terribly interesting right now but here it is anyway.

Once complete it will look something like this.

It is a pattern from one of last years christmas editions of Simply Crochet Magazine. The base of the wreath is done with three strands held together so its working up christmas. And its in cotton so is lively to work with. This is my home time project (since I cant crochet chris’ Christmas gift in front of him).

Am i the only one that is now starting to panic a bit – all the farmiliar reminders of christmas are creeping in, the christmas cups in the coffee shops, the first christmas advert of the season, the cristmas lights erected in the town center awaiting their switch on date, and of course the sudden drop in temperature that we have had this last week. And I am still nowhere near ready! Better get a mooch on eh!

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