A Very Pinterest Christmas Week 4 – Pom Poms

I apologise for the lateness of this post – I was working nights last weekend so forgot to post. 

This post contains many pom poms! Many MANY pom poms. However it didnt start that way! 

I originally had intended to make crayon galaxy baubles. This was my inspiration.

Arent they gorgeous? You can find the tutorial here

Unfortunately, what I produced was something so ugly I was too upset to take a photo – I just threw them straight away into the bin. I dont know what went wrong. I tried both large chunks right down to tiny shavings, I tried different methods of applying heat but I just couldnt get it to work. Perhaps it was the brand of crayon, or perhaps it really is crucial to use glass (I have a cat so had elected for plastic as it was much more kitty friendly). Anyways, 

So here I had half a pack of clear plastic baubles. Then I remembered a cute pic I had seen on pinterest using pom poms. 

I am sure you dont need a tutorial but here is the source of the image. 

These are mine. Its not terribly crafty but I still like them. 

But then I had rather a large amount of pom poms left over. But what I didnt have was a tree topper. So I knocked this up.

So there you are, lots of pom pom goodness for you. 

If you have given the crayon thing a go, what tips would you give. What could I be doing wrong? Let me know, and If you have made them feel free to share pics or posts with me! 

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