A Very Pinterest Christmas Week 3 – Pine Cones

Sorry it is late – I came down with a rotten cold over the last week and my brain has been a runny mess! 

This here is the photograph that inspired this weeks Very Pinterest Christmas project.

You can find the original source here.

I decided to go down the contemporary route and add pom poms (cause who doesnt need more pom poms in their life.

These are my two trees.

For the more traditional red one I just painted the tips of the cones whereas I just painted the whole lot for the candy coloured one! 

I feel they are less sophisticated than the original inspiration but they are lovely all the same.

The biggest tip I would share is that this is a project that requires some planning. For example, perhaps I am just a idiot but I really struggled to find plant pots – If I had thought a bit earlier to look then I would easily have found them in the end of season sales. But by the time I had thought of it the gardening sections had been replaced by the halloween/christmas section all bar the last dregs of summer stock. These two plant pots were the last on the shelf in Wilkos southport of all places. 40p a peice! I have 2 more so maybe they will get put to use too very soon. 

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