Yarn Review – Caron Cakes

Name: Caron Cakes

Price: £10 (often on offer 3 for 2)

Ball Weight: 200g

Yarn Weight: Aran

Yardage: 766 yards

Fibre Blend: 80% Acrylic 20% Wool

You can find projects of mine using this yarn here and here

What Are the Yarns Benefits

The most obvious of the benefits of this yarn are the wonderful colour combos! It is so comforting to have the colour combo picked for you and to know it will all look lovely together. 

Another benefit is the lack of ends to weave in… All yarnies know exactly how infuriatingly boring sewing in ends is. So having such lovely colour changes without the ends to sew in is fab.

The size of the ball is also great – I managed to make a baby blanket out of 2 cakes and a shawl out of 1 cake. It goes far. And the fact that it is already wound into a lovely center pull cake makes it so quick and easy to get stuck into a projects.

What Are Its Drawbacks

The biggest drawback is the price. At £10 a ball it is quite expensive considering it is just acrylic. 

Another drawback is the consistency of the dye – a number of blogs who I follow have renarked to the same effect. It doesnt seem to be as noticable in tricolour and gradiated colourways, like bumbleberry or cake pop, but the rainbow ones seem to have horrible brown splodges in them, presumably owing to the mixing of too many colours on one spot.  

My Rating

Versatility (does it have multiple uses?) – 7/10

Wearability (how comfortable is it to wear) – 6/10

Workability (how nice is it to work with?) – 6/10

Final Score – 19/30

3 thoughts on “Yarn Review – Caron Cakes

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s a blend, containing 20% wool, unless they have started to manufacture a 100% acrylic version. I agree that on this side of the Atlantic it’s a bit too pricey when it isn’t on sale. In the USA you can buy a cake for $5 when it’s on sale at Michael’s (I got some last Christmas on sale.) Its regular price is $7.99. Comparing prices before and after importation, and considering how a pound is worth more than a US dollar, it’s pretty clear that we are being somewhat “fleeced,” pardoning the pun.

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    • Of course you are correct! My brain must have glitched between reading the ball band and typing it! Whoopsy! Let me change that now. I think the price somewhat reflects the hype around it, I think perhaps they saw how we were all chomping at the bit for it and put the price up accordingly, supply and demand as it were. Perhaps that is a contributing factor to the price?

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      • I’m not sure. Katia has a self-striping cake that is less expensive. It is also lighter than worsted, made in Spain, so in Europe it is cheaper because it isn’t imported. Part of the price is that it’s a thicker yarn, too. However, considering that in the USA it only costs $7.99 or $5 when it’s discounted, I think importation has a lot to do with it along with the ooh ah factor you’re talking about.


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