My Birthday Celebrations

Good afternoon! How are we all? Today I am just popping by to share with you some of my birthday snaps. My birthday isnt for another few weeks but this was the only suitable weekend to celebrate, so off we went to liverpool to celebrate!

My primary reason for visiting was to get a tattoo from a wonderful artist called Sam at Idol Hands in Bold Street, Liverpool.

Isnt it sweet? It is Chi the cat from Chi Sweet Home, a Manga/Anime that I love.

Our secondary reason for visiting liverpool was the Southport Musical Firework Championships. We both absolutely love fireworks and these were without a doubt the best we had ever seen! There were so many colours and types we had never seen before and for just Ā£16 for 7 displays of 18 minutes each, it really is worth going! You will be amazed! 

We had Icecream on the southport sea front!

Irn Bru and Rhubarb Custard icecream to be precise! (I also had ferrero rocher, bounty and coffee icecream but I didnt photograph them).

We took a wander down the peir, where there was an antique penny arcade!

In order to play you had to convert your modern money into old style pennies. 

And we did a little exploring along the coast (right at the start of the trans penine trail)

And to finish we visited a friend of my partners in Manchester who hasnt been well recently. We spent a total of 5.5 hours on the train yesterday, from southport to Manchester Vic, Manchecter Picadilly to Chester, then Chester to London Euston, across london then from London Vic to home! Phew! 

All in all we had a lovely weekend. It was cold and rainy and windy but it was great!
(If you got this far you may realise it is a bit late – I thought I published it but had actually only set it as draft, hence why you have only been notified now!)  

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