Yarn Review – Wendy Ramsdale

I have decided that as I am an avid yarn purchaser and user, It would be a good idea to start formally reviewing the yarns. So I have come up with this template (please let me know if there is any information that you would find useful and I will include it in my next yarn review). I plan to release a new review every 2 weeks. 

Name: Wendy Ramsdale

Price: £3.29

Ball Weight: 50g

Yarn Weight: DK

Yardage: 112 Meters

Fibre Blend: 100% Ramsdale Wool

You can find my project using this yarn here.

What Are the Yarns Benefits

The yarn has a lovely feel to it – it is very rustic but is fairly soft too. This means it could be used for both rustic homewared and outerware.

It glides lovely over your hook, and when I used it it didnt seem to get tangled easy and there were no knots. 

It also goes far – I managed to design a waistcoat using just 2 balls! So in terms of cost effectiveness, it is great! 

What Are Its Drawbacks

Whilst the colours are lovely they are limited. They only come in 12 shades, so there isnt the greatest choice. 

It also has a tendency to pile a little – my waistcoat still looks cute but it is getting fluffy and the fringe has started to stick to its self. 

Finally, whilst I have said it is soft, I wouldnt say it is soft enough to be used for garments that would be in contact with sensitive areas such as scarfs.

My Rating

Versatility (does it have multiple uses?) – 6/10

Wearability (how comfortable is it to wear) – 6/10

Workability (how nice is it to work with?) – 7/10

Final Score – 19/30

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