Simply Crochet Saturday (09/09/17)

I feel really happy that I am finally making a dent in the list of mini projects given me by Simply Crochet magazine. I buy this magazine on subscription and I love it but I never seem to actually make anything from its vast patterns. 

Today I am sharing with you this little Unicorn ami.

It featured in simply crochet issue 54. You can find it here on ravelry.

I loved this little guy but I did make some alterations. 

Mainly, in ommitting the neck. I tried it with the neck and decided it looked rediculous, (like he had glandular fever or something) and also I found that he just could not stay up right because the neck pushed out the center of gravity too much, so I cut it out and sewed the head straight onto the body. 

My main criticism is the horn – the thread fell apart so quickly when I tried to tie a knot to fasten the horn to the body, that I had to glue the horn instead. On further inspection, Many people said the same in their ravelry notes so Maybe next time I would choose a different yarn. 

Dont you just love Unicorns though. They are so lovely and colourful! And very very cute! 

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