WIP Wednesday (06/09/17)

Once again my carpal tunnel has just started playing up. But I did make a little progress this week. 

I made 3 more squares for the mystery project. I skipped a couple patterns as I struggled with them so I am working up to them with the other slightly easier patterns. 

You may notice I am not following the preset pattern layout. I decided that I wanted to use different shades of purple with a little added contrast using grey for some squares and the border. And Instead of making the 4 squares of each pattern in the same colour, I want them to be assorted. 

On the note of Scheepjes yarns, as I remarked last time, its lovely and light and soft, but my god, It tangles up so bad! And the fluff piles up into matts around the tangle! No kidding, today I was showing my auntie how to C2C, when I found a tangle. It took me, my Nan and my Aunt (2 experienced yarncrafters AND An extremely experienced seamstress) over an hour to work through the tangles, and even then, we couldnt salvage about 10g of it! Luckily they tell you to get enough yarn that there is a large surplus, so It isnt a disaster, but it is annoying. 

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