September Goal Review

My word. We are now 2/3 of the way through the year! Wow! Its flying by isnt it!

I thought I should have a little look and see how I have progressed on some of my goals for the year!

Blogging Goals

I am hoping to hit 10,000 views

BEHIND – So far, I am just under 6000. Still over double my last years figures but not on target yet.

I am also hoping to hit 100 subscribed followers

ACHIEVED – I hit 100 this time last month!

I also had in my bullet journal goals to hit 500 likes and 500 comments

PARTIALLY ACHIEVED – I have surpassed the 500 likes mark by at least 100 already but I am about 70 short on comments. Easy to acheive by the end of the year.

Another bullet journal goal was to have created and published 15 new recipes.

ON TRACK – I am currently at 13 with another in the pipeline, so this is easily doable, especially with christmas coming up soon!

Crafting Goals

The first is to finally get around to taking up spinning.

ACHIEVED – I did indeed manage to start spinning. I spun my first ever hank of yarn in the most wonderful autumnal colourway. Unfortunately my spindle then broke, so now I am looking for one thats a bit more robust!

My second goal is to crochet 6 miles (tracked Via Knit Meter).

ON TRACK – I am currently sitting JUST UNDER 4 miles. I am almost 2/3 of the way there of the way there, 2/3 of the way into the year so I am pretty much on track to acheive this goal! 

My third goal is to learn some basic knitting skills

BEHIND – I have yet to start on this. But hopefully soon. My other half is still really interested in making socks but lacks confidence. So we have devised a plan to get us both motivated to learn!

To have created at least 12 new crochet patterns by the end of the year.

ON TRACK – Once the chevron hat and scarf patterns are published this week, I will have hit 11, so just one more to go!

Lifestyle Goals

My main goal here is to reach a goal weight of 80kg

CANCELLED – Yeah… Not gonna happen. Whilst we are making some healthier life choices, moving house put a huge dent in out attempts to shed a bit of weight – Maybe next year eh? It would be unhealthy of me to loose this much weight in such a short period of time but I will continue to slowly and surely lose a little at a time. 

Financial Goals

Within the next couple of months I hope to clear most of my debts

ACHIEVED – I actually managed to acheive that in february!

Once that debt is clear, I hope to start saving a significant amount of money per month, to begin to save to buy a house!

ACHIEVED – I am indeed managing to save a significant amount. I recently reached the one year anniversary of sticking my middle finger up and quitting that toxic job I was in where I was constantly sick stressed abd angry all the time. I wasnt even being paid fairly so despite regular 40 to 70 hour weeks I was completely unable to pay off my debts or save any money at all, so the fact that In the space of a year, I was unemployed for 3 months, then managed to pay off my debts and am now saving to buy a house makes me feel really proud of myself!

Relationship Goals

As you will probably already be aware, my partner proposed to me back in October! Yay! We had always wanted to get matching engagement rings custom made for us, so within the next few months I would like to have that ring on my finger

ACHIEVED (SORT OF…) –  Funny story… so all of the prototyping went well, we came up with something lovely that meant a lot to us and when we received the final casting we loved them. That was for about two weeks, at which point, we found out I was allergic to silver. I came out in a really gross row of blisters. So I did manage to get my ring. But then I had to get it redone in new less allergy inducing metal. They are winging their way back to us now, So I can still call this a success, despite the fact I dont actually have the ring on my finger.

By the end of the year, it is also our hope that we will have booked a venue and will therefore have a set date, even though we do not wish to marry for a few more years

ACHIEVED (SORT OF…) We visited our dream venue back in May. It was lovely and we are definately hoping now to get married here. Unfortunately it is not actually possible to book as far in advance as we would like, so we habe to wait for 2018 for the 2021 price list to be released. We are however on their list, with our preferred date noted down so we have done as much as we realistically can now. We have also talked to the bar regarding our plans to brew a wedding ale, and have tried a few of the different caterers, and have set up our costing and timescale spreadsheet, so things are well on track. 

Hobby Goals

It is my aim to broaden my film and literature horizons this year. With that in mind, I am going to aim to read 15 new books and watch 15 new films this year!

CANCELLED – I am miles off! I have still only managed approximately 4 films (those being Deadpool, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Karate Kid and The Martian) and I still havent managed even one book – I got so close to finishing The Trouble With Lichen an Metro 2033 whilst on holiday but then we moved house and the books got lost until yesterday when we finally erected a book shelf to put them in. Sad times. So this is now not acheivable and I wont stress about it.

In my bullet journal I had also planned to play 28 Video Games. 

ON TRACK – I am currently on 20 so am well within reach of this target. 12 of those are complete, and another 3 of those are close to completion. I have a week off now then 2 weeks in and then another 3 weeks off so I can easily tick of some more soon!
So there we go. I dont think I am doing too badly. I have achieved 7 of my goals, and am on track to complete 4 of them with ease. There are only 2 on which I am behind so I will have to pick up the pace a little, and then 2 which I have cancelled. I think it is important to realise when you have set yourself an impossible goal, so you dont have to stress over it, so this doesnt upset me too much. 

How about you? How are you doing so far thid year. Have you acheived what you hoped or are you still making up lost ground? Do you even set yourself goals or do you just take it as it is? Let me know. 

2 thoughts on “September Goal Review

  1. i cannot even imagine making a goal list like that…. i suck at following through with my plans. half way through something i get bored and usually come up with some other plan. but it’s great you are so close to finishing most of your goals 😊

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