Chevron Infinity Scarf Pattern

How are we all! 

I am popping in today to share with you a new pattern. Yippee! I love chevrons, they seem to be really on trend at the mo. So I made this very simple Chevron Infinity Scarf.

I crocheted it in Drops Alaska. It took approximately 1 ball of each. I used a size 5.5mm hook.

Here is the pattern. 

1. Ch 36, then turn.

2. Hdc into the second chain from the hook. Skip a chain, then Hdc into each of the next 15 chains. Hdc 3 times into the next ch then Hdc into the next 15. Skip 1 then Hdc into the final chain. Ch 1, then turn.

3. Hdc into the first stitch, skip 1, then Hdc into the next 15. Hdc 3 times into thr next stitch, at the peak of the chevron, then hdc into the next 15. Skip 1, and Hdc into thr final stitch. Ch1 then turn.

4. From now on we continue row 3. You can change your yarn colours as little or as often as you like. I chose to work in a repeating pattern of 3 rows of hdc in red blue or pink, change colour, 1 row of hdc in cream. Whatever repeat pattern you choose make sure it fits into 42 rows. 

Once you have completed the 42nd and final row, line up both ends and slip stitch through each stitch to close up the ends. 

Now sew in your ends amd you are finished.

I found in the end that drops alaska whilst pretty was a little itchy being made of wool. So I gave it a good old soak in hair conditioner. That seemed to do the trick nicely. 

2 thoughts on “Chevron Infinity Scarf Pattern

  1. I like your conditioner recommendation. I’ve sometimes washed scratchy wool with shampoo instead of a wool detergent and it also helps, plus the old two birds with one stone thing. Except, in this case it’s one stone instead of two and the bird remains one.

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  2. Oh I like how you use skip 1 for the bottom of the chevron. I always use stitch 3 together. Skip 1 is way way easier!!! Love this scarf and I love the bright colors you used!! 😀


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