Simply Crochet Saturday (02/09/17)

Hello All.

For this edition of Simply Crochet Saturday I am sharing with you this little ghosty.
It appeared in issue 49 back in october 2016. You can find it here on ravelry. 

I found this project sitting at the bottom of a box of yarn. I started it a while back, but I wasnt enjoying it at all. It required a 2.5mm hook, but I think this hook was incorrect for the yarn provided. The tightness of the stitches just made it a real chore. So I ripped it back and started again, this time using a much more comfortable 3.5mm hool. This suited thr yarn much better I think, and turned quite a difficult projrct into a breeze. Ismt it amazing what a difference a different hook makes. 

My only slight niggle is that my ghost didnt come out as cute as the one in the magazine. 

It has a bit of a meaty head and no neck to speak of. I read through the pattern a million times and there is no way with the pattern given that you could acheive a neck like the ghost in the picture. It just goes decrease row, then normal row until you start to decrease further at the bottom of the body. I think a neck like that pictured would require two decrease rows, then a normal row then 2 increase rows. Maybe if I make this item again I will give it a go. 

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