Wip Wednesday (30/08/17)

Good afternoon all.

Unfortunately I have no progress to share in the works in progress area. My carpal tunnel syndrome really has been giving me a lot of grief recently, so I had to put down my hooks this whole week. Seems that last weeks burst of creativity has slowed me down this week. It is starting to feel better so maybe I can get back to crafting soon. Until then, its plenty of rest and wrist braces for me.

So today, instead, I thought I would share with you what I hope to have as WIP’s or FO’s in the near future.

Whilst unpacking more boxes from the move, I came across more little projects from Simply Crochet magazine. 5 more, in fact, so I plan to plough through those soon.

I really want to start on my first ever cardigan or jumper soon. Here are a couple of patterns I like the look of. The first is Drops 176-18 Sahara second is Drops 169-15 Seashore Bliss Unfortunately, whilst I love the designs, I find that drops’ patterns are quite hard to read – I think it is to do simply with the way they are formatted. Does anyone else find this.

I was inspired by this image on Pinterest and now really want to make a poncho. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the original source – only people sharing the images without reference to origin, but I would love to try something similar.

I really feel inspired to get more garments made – and also to start making for Christmas. Anyone else getting that Christmas itch… Its not far away, now that summer is all but over!

The good news is I will have two patterns to share this week. I just need to take photographs. Keep your eyes peeled.

6 thoughts on “Wip Wednesday (30/08/17)

  1. I pressed “like” because of your future plans. I’m sorry you are dealing with carpal tunnel. I wish I could get the freebies Simply Crochet includes with issues. I have to buy mine in digital format. Or maybe I don’t wish this on myself. It seems if they accumulate they could be a) good for a rainy day or b) a curse due to storage. I’d definitely accumulate them!

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  2. Drops patterns in generally are really hard to read and follow. I don’t know of any better ones to suggest, and certainly they can be done- my Christmas sweater was a Drops pattern, so don’t decide straight up to not do it, just bear in mind that you’ll have to work harder for it.

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