WIP Wednesday (23/08/17)

I have had a super productive week this week. Yay productivity. I have been on the night shift so have had plenty of time to get cracking on projects.

I finished the Chevron Infinity scarf, So I will be posting a pattern for that soon. 

I also managed to make a matching hat. This is also complete, I just have to photograph it and write up the pattern. Here is a sneak preview:

I started on a project to finish my last Caron Cake. This time it is Bumbleberry, and I am trying out butterfly stitch. Isnt it sweet? I am not sure what this will be yet, but I am sure it will be lovely!

I started to make this cute bunting out of the leftovers from my chevron scarf and matching hat.

And I have startred work on a mystery project…

I am only one square in at the mo. I did get half way through a second square last night, but then realised I had lost a star stitch in the second row so had to frog it back and then my carpal tunnel started giving me problems so I put down the hook and rested my wrists. I call it a mystery project. I am sure the observent amongst you can probably already guess what it is going to be, but I cant be specific as it is the start of a christmas present I intend to give to my Fiance. What I will say though is WOW! Isnt Scheepjes colour crafter lovely and soft and light! 

Finally, I made a start on some Fibre Flux Strawberry Blossom slipper socks using Sirdar Big Bamboo. I am using a 10mm instead of the 9mm they suggest but I do have large feet and thick calfs so this should be ok. By my calculations, I should have enough yarn to make them a little longer. 

What have you been up to this week? 

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday (23/08/17)

  1. I love mystery projects!! Can’t wait to see it develop!! And that is one fantastic pompom!! I can’t seem to make poms very well they’re always crooked or too loose. 😀


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