Simply Crochet Saturday (19/08/17)

I love simply crochet magazine. One of my simplest pleasures in life is when it drops through my letterbox and I can tear off the plastic and flick throught its colourful yarny glory. 

If you are also a follower of this magazine, you will know the abundance of little kits it comes with.

Well, I seem to have a never ending pile of little kits plus a list as long as your arm of things I want to make from the magazine, So I have decided to to crack on and try to make a good old dent in that pile. 

To start off, Here is my first little Simply Crochet cover goody. This little Hook A Heart notebook is from the issue 53. You can Find it here on ravelry.

I love this little heart. Its so lovely and simple. Infact, I have already made a start on some bunting using the very same pattern. 

Are you like me and have a pile of little kits sat around not being done? Or are you one of these people who makes them as soon as they get them? I dream one day of being quick enough to get myself onto the ‘Show Us Yours’ page!

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