Aaaaaaargh! CAT-astrophy

You will remember I showed you a cute little vid of my cat on wednesday, and I am always sharing pics of her. On the whole, she is an angel. But not today…

I walked into the room where I store my yarn. I have this basket thingy with little holes in the top to thread the yarn.

I keep my Cascade 220 yarn in here for the Simply Crochet CAL that I still havent gotten around to completing. I noticed a red thread coming from the hole. How strange, I thought. So I opened up my bag of neatly wound cakes and the sight that greeted me was enough to make you weep. 

Here are some of the lovely cakes of yarn all wound up and ready for use. 

And here is the ball that was right at the top of the bag. LOOK AT THR STATE OF IT! It appears that my cat has been amusing herself by putting her little paws into the top of the bag via the slits and has been clawing at my lovely yarn. Its a mess! Cheeky little moo. I was horrified when I saw the state of my yarn. The whole point of this bag was to be a cat safe method of working with large quantities of yarn without her clawing at the ball as I work, but clearly, Max isnt that easily outsmarted… Sigh. 

Luckily for her it is impossible to stay mad at such a lovely little fluffy face! Just look at it. The face of an angel!  

Any of you have similar troubles. What methods do you use to stop your cat ruining your yarn? Let me know. 

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