Half Year Thank You

Wow! Hasnt this year flown by! We are already half way through 2017! 

I set myself many goals for the year, big and little. Some of the ones you know about and some you may not. But I feel I am doing quite well at acheiving most of my goals. I am past the half way point on my goal to crochet 6 miles. I am past the half way point to on my published patterns goal, I have acheived one of my two new skill goals (to learn to knit and to spin). Another goal I have is to complete 15 video games. I am so far at 7 …(If you are interested, these are Final Fantasy 15, Watchdogs 2, Far Cry 4, Life Is Strange, Yakuza 0, Destroy All Humans, and most recently Republique) Which will soon be 8 as I am nearing the end of Red Dead Revolver. 

I am still a while off my reading a film goals, as well as my weight loss goals, but I have already competed my financial goals. And most excitingly my blogging goals are being smashed!

So I am popping in to say thank you so much! All of you who take the time to read my posts and like and comment. Your support makes me so happy – and I love that I can leave my ideas here on the web and inspire other people without even knowing it! 

I had hoped to reach 100 followers by the end of the year, and I am already just 2 or 3 away.

I have also been lòoking at my stats, and I have already surpassed the numbers of Views, Visits and Likes from last year with 6 months to go, so it looks like I am on track to double the sucess of my little blog in 2017.

And as for Comments! I have already almost doubled the number of comments from last year!

Again I am blown away that you continue to follow me and to know that you like what I write. And of course I love reading all of your blogs too – so much inspiration to be found! 

As a thank you, please enjoy a photograph of my cat.

And here are two more, just for good measure!

So how are you doing now we have hit the halfway mark? Have you achieved everything you had hoped to achieve by now? 

2 thoughts on “Half Year Thank You

  1. Excellent progress!! I haven’t made any long term goals I usually go month to month and they are mostly crochet/craft related. I should sit down and make a broader list. What a pretty kitty cat!! 😀

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