WIP Wednesday (21/06/17)

Ok. So as it turns out, I am not very good at this WIP wednesday thing… I have been doing it for 3 weeks so far. The first two I didnt manage to get out until thursday morning and the third week I just didnt do one (I was in the midst of moving home). But this week, I am finally getting it together to do it on the right day! Yaaaay!

(Edit: so as it turns out, I am worse at this than I thought. Yes, I wrote this on Wednesday, but because I am an idiot, I forgot to press publish, so actually, this is another thursday post… I considered that maybe I should start calling it WIP thursday, but then it occured to me that if I started calling it that then I would probably forget to do it until friday…)

I am still working on the blanket I showed 2 weeks ago. (Again, moving house is not terribly compatible with crafting). 
It have done another 24 rows, and I am almost out of yarn so hopefully I will finish in the next day or two.

I hope next to move on to some preemie octopusses. And hopefully I will begin a new adventure in knitting too! Plus I have a CAL that I still havent started… I better get a wiggle on! Before we know it it will be christmas… 

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