Battersea Doggy Blanket 1

And its finished! Yaaaaay!
I already blogged about it in my first WIP wednesday post, so I wont waffle on too much.

I started it whilst I was on holiday. Mostly whilst chilling on my balcony in the sun. I finished making the squares whilst on nights a week ago. The sewing up was the most boring part, but now it is finally done!

More importantly, I am sure you are dying to know, this blanket used up a total of 425g of yarn. So if we add that to the 75g of yarn from my sandals, we reach the magical 500g! And since I have started a new blanket before finishing this one, I believe I am now closer to the 600g mark! And you know what that means? NEW YARN! YAHOOOOOO! I am off to oogle at the yarn on wool warehouses drops yarn sale! I will pop in to share with you my haul as soon as it arrives!

4 thoughts on “Battersea Doggy Blanket 1

  1. Hooray! Three Cheers for you!
    1) Finished blanket and it looks great
    2) You are going to make a doggie very happy + great charity
    3) NEW YARN!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see what you bring home from the yarn shop!


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