WIP Wednesday! (24/05/17)

Ok, well perhaps I published this on the thursday but heck, I have been working nights the last week, and I am thoroughly exhausted, so I fell asleep before I reached pressing the publish button…

I am finally glad to welcome you to my first WIP Wednesday post. 

I have been managing to get quite a bit of work done this week, on account of me working nights. On monday night we started a new train schedule which meant we no longer have any trains running from the station between 0037 (to Gillingham) and 0452 (to Brighton). Whilst we still have work to do, contractor montoring and security checks and such, we now have a 3 and a half hour period where the station is locked up to the general public, which means I can sit there with my crocheting and get some bloody good progress on. 

As you will remember, I promised myself I could buy some new yarn from wool warehouse if I could work through 500g of old rubbish yarn before the end of may (when the drops yarn sale ends). So this has been my main focus!

So I had a good rummage through my rubbish acrylic yarn stash. I decided that I would finally get started on my battersea doggy blankets. Now I know doggies and kittys dont see colour in the same way that we do so they probably wont give a monkeys about colour, but I still wanted them to be at least somewhat visually appealing to humans too. So I got out my hugh acrylic stash and sorted it into piles. I ended up with a red/orange/yellow shades pile, a shades of blue pile and a pinky purpley pile.

I took all of the blues first, and holding two yarns together, I wound them into center pull cakes.

I am almost finished with this blanket.

Its about 60cm by 60cm. I just have to crochet it all together. But that is really boring as ia sewing in all the ends, so instead of being a sensible human being and just getting it done and dusted, I decided to start a bew blanket…

This time it was the turn of the purpley pinkey yarns. 

Sorry about the pic – the lighting was terrible when I took this shot, but you get the gist. 

I hope to complete both blankets within the next 7 days, as I have a week off! YAY! 

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