Sunny Sandals

So I finally made some sandals! 

I had been toying with making sandals for a while, and I had been collecting flip flops so I decided, before I went on my holiday.

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take any pictures of them. I am kicking myself! I totally could have had some beautiful sandy shots of them. But alas, all I can offer you is these boring shots.

I started by piercing holes every 1cm around the sole. Then I did a single crochet into each hole, then for the next row I Sc twice into each Sc. 

Unfortunately, as these were a sort of trial, I forgot to write down a full pattern, but as I have large feet I do not know how I would write the pattern to allow for different sized feet. I guess a bit of experimentation is required. Perhaps I will have a pattern to share with you soon. 

I am definately pleased with them but I can tell you there are a few issuss that need ironing out before they are perfect and wearable for every day use. 

Regardless, this project used up around 75g of Drops Lima. So thats just 425g to go to meet my target allowinh me to buy new yarn! Yahoooo!

2 thoughts on “Sunny Sandals

  1. I started to try to salvage an old pair of flip flops too but didn’t like the way they were coming out so I put them aside – you have inspired me to pick them back up and try again. These are super cute! I love the MaryJane style shoe and that button is so pretty!! 😀


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