A Lovely Holiday

Hello all!

I have returned from my lovely relaxing holiday in sunny Mallorca. I had a lovely time away and feel quite energised now.

Just popping in the share with you a few holiday pics!

We had a lovely time. I got a very minor tan (unfortunately I am very pale, and I dont really enjoy laying about in the sun so I am quite pleased with it) I did unfortunatley get quite sea sick (but so did many other people as it was a particularly rough boat journey). Vut we had a lot of fun exploring, climbing rocks, and generally chilling!

We arrived back on friday, to our kitty who we were just so happy to see again. My Step-mother in law (to be) had been looking after her whilst we were gone and they seemed to bond quite well!

Last night we enjoyed some Eurovision fun. Apart from Christmas day, Eurovision is my favourite day of the year! How did you all feel about the winner? Personally my favourite was Norway and I was dissapointed that they didnt do better. But Portugal was in my top 5 so I wasnt wholly dissapointed. Here was my final order of preference for anyone who is interested! I would love to hear what you thought and who you thought should win/ come last. I thought spain were awful so I was actually quite annoyed that they got any voted at all! 

Anyways, I hope to share with you some craftiness soon. I managed to crochet 200g of yarn whilst on holiday which takes me past the half way mark on my 500g target, with half a month to go! Yahoo! I also have been baking since returning and I aspire to get some painting done and some spinning started before I return to work on wednesday. Watch this space!

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