A Quick Goal Review

We are now beginning may, which means we are already a 3rd of the way through the year! Gosh! Where has the time gone? 

With this in mind, i thought it was about time I had a little look at how I am progressing with some of the goals i set myself at the beginning of the year!

Blogging Goals

I am hoping to hit 10,000 views

So far, I am sitting on 2700 so I have 7300 to go. I need to pick up the pace! 

I am also hoping to hit 100 subscribed followers

I am currently on 83 so have just 17 to go! Well ahead of schedule!

Crafting Goals

The first is to finally get around to taking up spinning.

I have not managed this yet – I have 3 lovely hanks of fibre, and I keep watching videos and planning to start and then get sidetracked!

My second goal is to crochet 6 miles (tracked Via Knit Meter).

I am currently sitting on 1.5 miles. I am a quarter of the way there, a third of the way into the year so I guess I need to pick up the pace a bit! 

My third goal is to learn some basic knitting skills

I have yet to start on this. Much like the spinning, i have planned and watched videos but have yet to start! 

To have created at least 12 new crochet patterns by the end of the year.

I am already at 6 so am over half way there! Yahoo! 

Lifestyle Goals

My main goal here is to reach a goal weight of 80kg

To be honest, i havent really worked on this at all. But i got a fit bit for christmas and we just got some withings smart scales so once we have finished our easter chocs i will try to get back on track!

Financial Goals

Within the next couple of months I hope to clear most of my debts

I actually managed to acheive that in february! I had a really good pay day so managed to polish off the debts super quickly!

Once that debt is clear, I hope to start saving a significant amount of money per month, to begin to save to buy a house!

I am saving a little. I would like to save more, but i am proud to be at least some way there!

Relationship Goals

As you will probably already be aware, my partner proposed to me back in October! Yay! We had always wanted to get matching engagement rings custom made for us, so within the next few months I would like to have that ring on my finger

I dont yet have that ring, but we are almost there! I have plenty of plastic prototypes but the finished object is still in progress. We decided to design them ourselves and get them 3D printed in high quality silver – they are in the process of being printed in the usa as we speak, so I should soon have my forever ring on my wedding finger! Yay!

By the end of the year, it is also our hope that we will have booked a venue and will therefore have a set date, even though we do not wish to marry for a few more years

We havent booked yet, but we are visiting our dream venue next month so hopefully i will have acheived this goal soon!

Hobby Goals

It is my aim to broaden my film and literature horizons this year. With that in mind, I am going to aim to read 15 new books and watch 15 new films this year!

Eurgh! I am miles off! I have managed approximately 4 films (those being Deadpool, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Karate Kid and The Martian) and i still havent managed even one book – I am almost finished though so i will move on to my second soon!

So in conclusion, it looks like I am doing ok. I have acheived 2 of my goals, I am on track to complete 4 of my goals with ease, and I have 6 where I really need to pick up the pace if I wish to acheive them by the time the year is out! I best get a move on then! 

5 thoughts on “A Quick Goal Review

  1. Awesome! I like the idea of setting a whole spectrum of goals for the year, and what a great job you’re doing on the progress with a lot of these! The only thing I worry about with myself if I set yearly goals is with my procrastination – I would definitely be running around like a maniac in the last month trying to do everything!!! 😀

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