For Little Baby Harley

I made this little blanket over easter bank holiday weekend using 2 of my Caron Cakes for a friend of mine who had just had a baby! I loved how quickly it worked up – mainly as I had an uninterupted period of quiet with no cat to interfere! I was working nights that weekend and covering in reception (normally I am working security). Now, normally, reception is fairly busy over night – there are many regular contractors coming and going about their work who need to be signed in and given the correct permits to work. However, on bank holiday weekend, there were literally no contractors as most of the companies are unwilling to pay bank holiday rates as well as night rates, so I basically did no work for about 6 hours… and it was glorious! I sat watching Police Interceptors and Cops, drinking copious quantities of tea and eating bags and bags of mini eggs and crocheting like the clappers! 

As for the caron cakes – i wasnt expecting there to be quite so many imperfections. The yarn is quite cheap for the yardage so I wasnt expecting wonders but i just have to say this particular colourway was a little bit speckly for my liking. Having said that, as it was like this the whole way through each cake it gave an interesting texture so its not all bad! And i did love the fact that it has many stripes but no ends to sew in! Is it possible for yarn to be motivational? I found myself so much more motivated to continue so I could reach the next colour! 
It does have a slight curve to it which i wasnt expecting. I was annoyed with myself to start with but i have come to terms with it now. On researching it, i have found that this is a common issue with crocheting in the round in this way. It is suggested that to counter this problem you could turn your work at the end of each row, which is fine in general, but i dont think it is really suitable for variegated yarn. Hey ho. These things happen.

Overall I am very pleased with the way it has turned out! And It has really helped me move toward my targets for the year! 

6 thoughts on “For Little Baby Harley

  1. I love the curviness of it – I thought that was intentional! I have used Caron Cakes for a couple of projects and found some color spots through the skein like some drops of dye dripped where it wasn’t supposed to. I like the cake you used for this blanket. Especially for a baby – it’s very bright and cheerful! This is a Happy Blankie!! đŸ˜€

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    • Ha ha well thank you! I hope the recipient sees it like that too! I think beight and cheerfil is the way forward with babies – if i ever have kids, there will be no pastels – it will be rainbow colours all the way!

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