Gosh! I do apologise to you all! I havent posted in over half a month! 

I have been so busy with work, spring cleaning, crocheting gifts, etc. That I have found it really hard to find time to post! I tend to only post about projects as I finish them, so when I have not finished anything I seem to have a gap! Perhaps I should take a leaf out of all of your books and start a WIP wednesday post, so I can keep you up to date on exactly what is is I am making! 

Whilst I have been Awol, I have managed to complete 3 objects and make 3 cards. Keep your eyes peeled for those over the next few days!

In the mean time I have 2 questions for you – one crafty and one not but both related, so bare with me!

The first is the non crafty – does anyone know of any particularly good brands of walking sandal or just comfortable sandals? I have always had problems buying shoes – I have quite wide feet, so I usually buy mens shoes – this way I can wear a size 7, and it is the right length, width and the correct level of support for me. If I buy womens shoes, I tend to have to buy an 8 or even a 9 to accomodate the width of my feet, but of course then they are too long so do not have the correct amount of support as my heel is slipping around. Without fail, I end up in pain wearing womens shoes. The other problem i tend to find is that womens shoe just arent made for long use or comfort, so they never last me long! Womens sandals especially frustrate me, because they are so flat and flimsy and have absolutely zero support! So I am asking you, my lovely readers if you have any suggestions for brands or shops where I can look!

And now for the crafty question – I am going on holiday in just over a week to sunny Mallorca, hence the need for  sandals! My crafty question is this – can you suggest any small crochet projects I can take with me that are relaxing and fun and dont require huge amounts of yarn? And have any of you tried to crochet on the beach? If so, and tips? 

Cheers in advance for the help! And as a thank you for making it to the end of this post please enjoy a few pictures of my kitty, who turned 1 year old 2 months ago and is reaching her one year anniversary of moving in with us next week. 

6 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Your cat is beautiful!! I love her fluffy fur!! I have no idea about sandals. I go barefoot or wear flip-flops all summer. I have recently started doing little WiP type posts. I really didn’t want to but like you I would end up with no posts for a week. I don’t mind reading WiP posts it’s nice to see what everyone is up to. 😀

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  2. I did wonder where you were. Your cat is just a beauty. Like Mrs Craft, I was going to suggest Birkenstocks. They feel a bit odd at first but honestly are so bloody comfy and you can adjust the strap if it is too tight. Some shops make copycat version too, I think, which are a bit cheaper. Crochet and sun cream – good luck!

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