Minty Lemonade!


I went to Honest burger recently. They had just opened a local branch (in greenwich), and as locals, we had been lucky enough to receive vouchers for a free meal. So we popped in on wednesday! 

It was super super tasty! The picture above is my lovely fiance with a stack of enourmous onion rings! 

Normally I would have a beer but as I was working at 7am the next day, (in a 0 tolerance job), I decided to go for a mint lemonade! 

It was divine! I fell in love! So much so in fact that when I came home, I decided I needed to re-create the lemonade for myself!

It iant as green but it is very minty and very yummy! 

Here is the recipe!

1.75ltrs Water

400g Granulated Sugar

4 Lemons (or enough to make 250ml lemon juice)

10 Mint Leafs


Heat up 250ml of the water

Add in the sugar and heat until all sugar is disolves

Place in the fridge to chill.

Juice the 4 lemons (or however many you need to create 250ml lemon juice).

Chop up all of the mint leaves until they are in very small peices.

Add the lemons and mint to the sugary solution which you prepared earlier then top up to 2 litres with the rest of the water. 

Serve poured over ice!

Let me know what you think. I loved sipping on it whilst relaxing on the lovely sunny sunday we just had! 

9 thoughts on “Minty Lemonade!

  1. My goodness! I hope he looks at you the way that he looks at that humongous stack of onion rings!! LOL That lemonade sounds delicious! A little shot of Limoncello or Vodka would make it perfect for days off!! 😀

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