I Am On Instagram!

I finally set myself up with an instagram! Yaaaaaaay!

Its a bit bare at the moment as I only signed up yesterday! 

I just wanted to pop in and ask if any of you guys are on instagram? Let me know and I will pop over to your page!

Also, does anyone have any tips on how to get the most out of instagram? I am a complete newb at this so any tips and tricks are appreciated!

Much love! 

5 thoughts on “I Am On Instagram!

  1. I’m not on Instagram, and that’s basically because I have no idea at what it is, what it’s for, why would I want to join, how does it work, what do I get out of it as far as enjoyment is concerned and … I’m not on Facebook so would that mean that I’d be wasting my time?

    I’m thrilled that you’re so much more informed and with it. My brain (and my heart I think) is still trying to work out reading books on a tablet thingy … so I’m guessing that if I can’t work that one out then I’m not grown up enough to add anything else for my brain to concern itself with. LOL.

    GREAT photos by the way. You are so very talented… oh … and I LOVE (to the point of wanting to steal him) your snail. lol 🙂 He’s so friendly looking and sweet. ❤
    Happy Sunday! ~ Cobs x

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