Almost There! 

I have really been unlucky this year so far with ilness! I have had the flu, multiple colds, carpal tunnel syndrome, and now, in the latest bit of bad luck, I am having a lovely case of tonsilitis which yesterday was joined by laryngitis. Yay… so at the moment I am barely able to speak – a feeble whisper is all I can manage. And anyone who knows me knows i love the sound of my own voice and that I love to talk so this sucks! But it has meant I can have some quality sofa time snuggled up in my fluffy dressing gown with hot chocolate, bill bailey on the telly and crochet time. So I am dropping in to tell you this: 

I have almost finished my second GSE blanket!

I have been trying to finish peicing this blanket together for months. I had originally hoped to get it done in time for christmas but with all my other christmas crafting activities and my new job then my carpal tunnel diagnosis, this became an impossible task! But, I am now almost there! I finished peicing it all together at around 1am this morning, so I Just have to put a border on the blanket and sew in all of the ends (eurgh…) and then I am done! 
Does anyone else find a massive sense of satisfaction when they finally finish a large project they have been working on for a while! 

Keep your eyes peeled – I have a feeling that the end is near! 

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