Product Review – Docrafts Stamp Storage Folder

So, I finally managed to migrate my stamps to their new home.

From this:

To this:

My mum and dad gave me this for christmas. I really love the colours and think it is really pretty. 

However, I opened it up expecting it to have at least a couple of sleeves in it, but sadly it did not. This is my first criticism. It meant that I had to wait a week for some inserts to arrive. I have bought things like this before, for example my die folder? and they have had a set of sleeves to get you started. I dont think it makes it clear on the packet either that it is just the folder, with no sleeves included.

My other criticism is the overlapping of the half sized pockets. 

You see the photograph on the product looks like this:

This picture would suggest that the half sized sleeves are the perfect fit and therefore the perfect way to store your smaller stamp sets. This, however, is not the case. 

As you can see, there is a clear overlap. I have tried to jimmy it in everywhich way I can but there is absolutely no way these sleeves could fit in as pictured in the sales image. This means that there is quite a bulge in the middle of the book – which wastes crucial storage space. 

As a result, my stamp collection has already completely filled the folder to the point of difficulty zipping it all up. 
Over all, I am not terribly impressed. It looks lovely, is quite sturdy and is a great idea, but the design doesnt seem to have been terribly well thought about, which has led to a somewhat dissapointing product. 

9 thoughts on “Product Review – Docrafts Stamp Storage Folder

  1. I’m so glad I’ve seen this. I’m currently in the middle of looking for new more compact storage for lots of my craft items. I’ve just bought some magnetic sheets to store my die cutters in a ring binder and need something for my cling stamps too. I’ll give this a big miss then! x

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  2. It is so annoying when the photo is not the reality, or the packaging is misleading. I hate products where I immediately have to buy something else too. I’d like more of us to review products on our blogs. Nothing better than another crafter testing something out!

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  3. Great post!
    (I’m sorry for the length of this comment … feel free to not publish it if you like. I won’t be offended)

    Frankly I think that the folder is a bit of a rip off, for it’s not fit for the purpose for which it is intended, which is against the Rules of Trading Standards. If this is meant to be a storage folder for stamps, then it should come with the sleeves in which to store the stamps. It makes sense when you think about it.

    Therefore … if this was sold as a Storage Folder for Stamps – then it truly is again the Rules of Trading Standards and the laws of the Trades Descriptions Act.

    I’ve just been on the Docrafts site and it’s being sold as a Stamp Storage Folder. The only mention DoCrafts give to the inside is(and I quote):- “Additional Pockets are available in A5 and A6 sizes.” … ADDITIONAL … that word is your friend (and lever). The use of the word ‘additional’ literally means (and suggests) that there are folders already inside the zipped cover, and that you can buy “additional” folders in the stated sizes of A5 and A6.

    Ok… well – Me being me, I’d call DoCrafts head office and asked to be put through to their Customer Services office.

    Now I’ve called DoCrafts on a couple of occassions, and the lady who answers the phone there is like an old fashioned Doctors Receptionist. She can be … ‘difficult’. (You remember the old doctors receptionist – old battle axes who you knew wouldn’t help you even if you offered them a squillion pounds in money or chocolate!). So you may have some pushing to do, BUT if you can’t get past her, that’s fine. Instead ask her who the CEO (Cheif Executive Officer) is of the company, (you have a right to know who the CEO is of a company) and ask for the spelling of his/her name, then ask her what her name is (she might not give it but you can try) if she asks why just tell her it’s so that you can refer to her by name when you are writing to explain that you’ve already called the company on the phone.

    Then … write a stiff letter to the CEO of DoCrafts regarding this problem of them not complying with Rules of Trading Standards nor Trades Descriptions Act, and tell them how upset, hurt and annoyed you were to find out that your parents, in buying their product as a gift for you, had been ripped off to the tune of £____ (the price you had to pay for the inserts so that you could use the product) so that you could use the product their mis-described and mis-sold product as it was sold as and designed to be used.

    You may get a refund of your money. You may get a gift voucher (likely), or you may get a small bundle of goods from them to say sorry to you.

    Thank them, but then write again saying that although you are thankful for their kindness, you, as a crafter, wish to ensure that no other crafter is put in this position ever again, and so you wish to hear from them that they are going to, without delay, alter their packaging to explain that what they’re selling is just a folder which isn’t any good for anything as it doesn’t have the inserts which are required in order to make the folder into what it’s been designed for and sold as being for.

    Either that … or you want to know that they’re putting a selection of inserts into the folders before they go out for sale.

    You could either write it and send it snail mail, or you can email.. BUT … if you want to make sure that they take you seriously … get the address of Trading Standards, and even call them about your complaint, telling them that you are writing to the company regarding this, and wish to send them a copy of the letter, so could they please give you the correct address (email or snail mail) so that you can do that.

    THEN … at the bottom of the letter (email or snail mail) add these words:

    CC: Trading Standards
    123 Any Street (real address obviously)
    This Town
    That City
    Post Code.

    Good luck. seriously. I hope you strike a blow for all crafters.
    Us crafters (on the whole) are really lovely people, but because of that we can get taken for mugs, and that makes me cross and brings out not only my fighting spirit but also the knowledge and education I received relating to dealing with companies like this, who don’t comply with the laws of the Trades Description Act.

    Great blog by the way. 🙂
    ~ Cobs. x

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