Going in Circles

Today I am popping in to share with you another bookmark.

I made this one in an attempt to use up the last of my bonbons. But I still have a little left. Any idea what I can do with such a small amount?

Anyways, here is the pattern. 
First we want to create the circles.

Row 1. Into a magic circle, chain 3 then crochet 12 Dc stitches. Pull the magic loop tight then ss into the top of the initial chain 3.

Change Colour.

Row 2. Fasten in yarn, chain 3 then Dc twice into each of the previous rounds stitches. Ss into the top of the first chain 3.

You should create 4 circles.

Then you should attatch them to each other. I find the easiest way to do this is simply to use the tail left at the end of the circle to just tie them together before sewing in the ends.

Once you have sewn in all of the ends, put your hook into the top of the first circle, then single crochet all the way around the row of circles until you reach the first stitch once more.

For the final row, you should once again attatch the yarn to the top of the first circle, and confinue as before. However when you reach the join between the two circles (see pictures below), the stitch pattern changes. From space 1 to 7, do a hdc, then dc, htc, tc, htc, dc, and hdc. From then on you can continue to the next join in sc. 

Finally sew in the ends then block. I simply soaked the bookmark then pinned it out on a foam board and left it to dry. 

This bookmark is a little bigger than the first one, so would be great for those larger books in your collection. 

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