Disaster Strikes!

Sorry I have been silent for a few days. I have been getting pains in my wrists for about 2 weeks now. I went to the doctors yesterday morning because it was starting to make my work and my life really difficult. I can barely open doors or lift a coffee pot! And the unthinkable has happened. I am in the early stages of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands.

What does that mean?

It means I have a notice of restricted duties at work meaning no manual handling. It means I have to wear wrist supports. It means I need to rest my hands as much as possible. Worst of all, I cant play video games, I cant make cards and I cant crochet!  For a month or until the pain improves.

I feel lost. I spend all my waking minutes either being creative with my hands or playing video games. 

And I could just ignore the doctor and do them anyway, but then I risk doing further, more permenant damage to my hands. Its a real test of self restraint.

Luckily for you guys I have patterns that just need writing up, so hopefully you will still get to see pretty crochet things. But I wont be able to make anything new until the pain goes away.

Do you have any suggestions? How do you cope? Are there any exersises you reccomend to strengthen my wrists. What do you do when you cant do what you love? How do you keep your creativity flowing when you cant actually make anything? Please help! I feel like I dont know what to do with myself.

7 thoughts on “Disaster Strikes!

  1. Oh no, poor you! It must be really hard. I’d suggest lots of planning & research for future projects. Pinterest will be your new best friend! Rest those wrists and get well soon xx


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