Its Filofaxin’ Time

As you will remember, back in october my partner bought me a filofax and stationary so I could start bullet journaling. Whilst thinking of how I wanted to use it, I decided to wait until january first to begin. And Now it id january, I have started! I just wanted to pop in and take you through the set up!

Here. Is my index page. 

Here are my diary pages – I decided to make my own as I did not like the way the months ran into each other on all the already available options. I have each week split over 2 pages, and at the beginning and end of the month I have a space for notes – at the beginning, it is goals for the month, and at the end it has a summary space. I felt like this was important to me as often we can forget about what we have acheived across the year and this can leave us feeling quite down. I thought having a space which forces me to reflect upon the month and record what I have acheived will help to keep me focused throughout the year.

These are my monthly to do lists. They arent very interesting as I just used bog standard shop bought to do list inserts.

Here are my trackers. 

I have 3 types of tracker. I have graphic trackers, which I have used for my book and film goal. These I will fill in film/book name once I have decided on it and will colour it in once I have completed it. 

I have a track based tracker, for things like weight loss and savings, where the value is preset, and I will colour it in and date it once I have acheived it.

And I have a volume based tracker, for larger number tracking. For example tracking debt payments and blog views. On these pages, each square has a value, which will be coloured as the value increases or decreases. 

To help me keep it nice and colourful, I grabbed myself a small stationary haul on amazon! If you are a stationary nerd like me, you will love this!

1 set of staedtler pencils, 1 set of fineliner pens and a sharpner as well as a filofax ruler, zip lock pocket and tube map! Yay for stationary!

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