Gifting Rundown Part 3 – Textiles

For the third and final part of gifting rundown, I would like to share with you some of the textile based gifts I made! 

I made this wonderful hat for my littlest future brother in law.

I made it up as I went along but unfortunately was in such a rush to get it finished that I didnt write down any instructions. I do have enough yarn left to make another though so perhaps I will see if I can recreate it! If I have time that is!

I crocheted this scarf for my partner.
And my partner and I made these shirts for two of his other brothers!

Yes thats a teapot. Aparrently its a reference to animation (something my oldest half brother in law to be is currently studying). I dont get it personally. Neither did he. Oh well.

Finally I made these buttons for my mummy. She collects buttons.

And this concludes my christmas gifting round up! So what do you think? How did I do? Did you make gifts this year? I would love to see them!

In conclusion, Whilst I really enjoyed making these gifts, it was far too stressful trying to force myself to make everyones gifts, especially when it came to the teenagers, because teenagers are difficult even at the best of times! I am proud of myself, in the knowledge that U managed to pull off a non commercial christmas, and It is a huge confidence boost to know that I am capable of making so many lovely things. So perhaps next year, I will hand make some gifts, but I certainly wont force myself to avoid shop bought gifts completely! 

6 thoughts on “Gifting Rundown Part 3 – Textiles

  1. I think all the gifts you have made are fab, and so special. I am with you on the ‘stress’ thing though. Trying to make something for everyone is maybe just swapping one stress for another? A few years ago I decided I would make handmade gifts for my (small!) immediate family IF there was time and IF there was something good I could think of. Sometimes they got a half-finished gift!

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    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by!
      The shirts are actually quite simple – they just take a little prep!
      First of all, i just found a shape that I really liked then i cut it out from a standard peice of paper and fixed it onto the shirt with masking tape (rolled up so it was double sided and placed underneath).
      I then took some neon fabric paint which I got on amazon and a selection of paint bruses and splattered away. You can really experiment here with techniques – there is no way. You can use a soft brush and an old store card to create a fine splatter, you can load up the prush and hold it high above for a large drip like splatter, you can hold the paint brush closer to the work and hit it just above the brush to get a more concentrated splatter, you can swipe the brush to create more of a splatter line. Its just about experimenting really.
      The best tip though is to not go overboard to begin with. If you are using different colours you can splatter them at the same time but if you do too much before alloving it to dry they couldcfudge into each other, so its best to let it dry then come back once or twice. Hope this helps! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be putting up a photo tutorial 🙂


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