A Wonderful Christmas!

I hope you all had a wonderful festive christmas day full of family, love, yummy food and thoughtful gifts.

 My fiance and I both had the misfortune of getting the flu. On friday I got home from work, I was shivering, I was feverish, all of my joints ached and my whole body was numb. I was so bad I genuinely had to cosider canceling going to the future father-in-laws for christmas dinner. Luckily by sunday I was well enough to stuff myself silly, but by the end of christmas day my other half was also starting to show symptoms of flu! 

Despite this we have still had a lovely christmas! I thought I would pop in to share with you some of the crafty bits and bobs that my family so thoughtfully picked out for me!

Theres this fibre – which I will use to spin some yarn (I promise this year will be the year!)

This absolutely lovely stamp storage folder. (My old diy one is great but is a little nackered and not as secure)

Something I have never seen before – a wooden envelope template!

And as for baking bits, boy was I lucky! I am now the owner of an icing turntable, a sylicone melting jug, a ceramic baking dish and a 3 teir cooling rack. Yaaaaay!

I also treated myself to all this lovely yarn… I have wanted to grab some Stylecraft Batik for a while, but I always think it looks nicer knitted – so I decided this would be my starter stash for learning to knit! And I know I said I wanted to avoid buying more yarn, but this is a different craft, so it doesnt count, right?

Did you get any crafty christmas bits? Give me a peek! I would love to see! 

3 thoughts on “A Wonderful Christmas!

  1. You were super lucky on the crafty gift front! I got some Papercraft kits by Docrafts in a box, and a light box for tracing. I did get some money which I plan on using to buy the moorland yarn kit by Attic24, but not until this blanket is done!

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    • Ha ha. I will keep my eyes peeled. I bet you wont last that long! Its so tempting to buy yarn that even the strongest cant resist! I am sure all crocheters and knitters can relate – the moment you say you wont buy more until whatever time… you doom yourself!


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