Did I Do It?

You may remember that a month or so ago or so, I shared with you some little mini goals to aim for by the end of the year. So now it is the last day of the year, I should go through them and reflect. 

​1. Complete or frog all historic WIP’s – This was an easy one. I finished two WIP’s and frogged the other 2.

2. Organise my Bullet Journal – I have made the pages and they are ready to be used. Keep your eyes peeled for a post about the journal.

3. Looose 10kg – I have lost 8. I am not super upset about this as christmas is a notoriously difficult time to even maintain your weight, so the fact that I list 1kg over the christmas period is actually a great acheivment.

4. Finish GSE Christmas blanket – I am almost there! I really wanted to have it done, so I am still gonna attempt o finish it in the next few days!

5. Reach 20 published patterns! – Unfortunately I havent managed this one either. So far I have published 12 patterns. I still have 3 already ready, I just need to write them up. I also still have about 5 more ideas in my head. Unfortunately I just never found any time  to get them out.

6. Reach 80 complete projects in my Ravelry library – I have made it to exactly 80.

7. Reach 3000 views  on my blog – This is agonizing. As I write this, with 3 hours and 9 minutes left of 2016, I sit at 2977 views! So perhaps, with a stroke of luck, I will make it!

8. Crochet 4 miles (tracked on Knitmeter) – I made it! I crocheted 4.07 miles in total!  

I also made some goals at the beginning of the year, which were as follows:

1. I would still like to learn the elements song – I still havent managed to do this. One day, I will learn!

2. Travel to a new City in Europe – unfortunately, due to my working situation, we havent been able to book ourselves to go on holiday yet. But I did go to Manchester for my birthday and Liverpool for work, so perhaps I can tick this one off? 

3. Take steps to start a career. I no longer wish to work in television. I have decided I would love to work on the railways. I have been applying for conductor and platform assistant roles, and hope to use this as the beginning of a journey towards becoming a train driver or CCTV operator for TFL or the British Transport Police. – whilst it took me longer than I had hoped, I managed to get a job on the railways. I only started a month ago, so am still getting into the swing of things. But I am definately happier and healthier now.

4. If I manage to get a new job, I would love to be able to start saving a substantial amount of money to buy a house with my partner. – Unfortunately, as I started only a month ago, I havent managed to start saving.

5. As a treat for getting this new job, I wish to make a start on my chest piece – a huge collage of studio ghibli awesomeness! – similarly, since I have only had 1 pay cheque from my new job I havent managed to organise this yet.

6. I would love to learn to embroider! I have had all of the stuff ready for a couple of months now, but I keep not getting around to it! This year I will start and hopefully finish my contemporary stitch sampler that I have been planning! – I started. And I hated it. So I sold off the bits I had on ebay. I am glad I gave it a go. Now I know it is not for me.

At the end of my post last new years, I said that I felt like 2016 could be a good year for me. Like it would be the year my life really started to fall into place. Well, I think I was right. Whilst some terrible things have happened this year (brexit/trump/terrorism/my most beloved musician passing) personally, it has been a life changing year! I mean, I got a new job, I became engaged, and, best of all, we got a cat! And what a beauty she is!

How have you done this year? Did you manage to acheive your goals? Dont worrk if you didnt, as long as you had a happy year!

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