Festive Leftover Pie!

Sadly, Christmas is now over. BOOO! I love Christmas so I always get a little sad as soon as it is over. But I have found a way to extend the happy warmness of Christmas a little further using Christmassy ingredients to create a sort of festive pie! Yummy!

Here it is! Doesn’t it look scrumptious! Here is how I made it.

1.       First I sprayed a little 1 kcal into a shallow baking dish. Isn’t it pretty? I was given it by my mummy for Christmas.

2.       Then I laid out a sheet of ready rolled puff pastry over the dish and pushed it gently into the corners. I then trimmed of the excess pastry, making sure to leave a substantial lip around the edge.

3.       I took some of my leftovers from Christmas dinner. For me that was some chicken and some roast potatoes. You could use whatever you have – pigs in blankets, parsnips, carrots, sprouts, but not the stuffing – that will be used later on! I chopped them up into rough chunks and spread them out over the pastry base.

4.       I didn’t have any leftover gravy so I just made up some bog standard Bisto. Ideally your gravy should be nice and thick so it holds everything together nicely. Pour it over the whole pie, making sure it gets into all of the holes between all of the food.

5.       Finally, take any leftover stuffing you have and break it down into a rough crumble. If you wanted to be precise you could give it a quick whiz in the food processor, but it is not necessary. Sprinkle it evenly all over the top of the pie and press it down.

6.       Bake for around 20 minutes or until the pastry is golden and puffy.

And there you have it – one festive pie! It is super yummy and is a great leftover buster. But even if you don’t have leftovers, you can use anything you fancy! As long as it is cooked, just bung it in!

Let me know if you give it a go – it is definitely a winter warmer!

Do you have any festive recipes – either to use up leftovers or to just keep you warm through the winter nights? Pop them in the comments!

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