Hi all! 

We are having a problem at the moment down my gaff. Our oven is broken. In fact it has been broken for 2 week now. A fortnight ago, my partner went to change the oven light and as he did so, the whole oven went phut, and shorted its self out. Luckily, my partner understands electronics as I would have just turned it back on and carried on. On inspection he found that the ground wire was damaged or disconnected or something like that, meaning that all this time we have been using the oven, we could have been at serious risk of getting a potentially serious electric shock! So we put in an emergency call to our letting agencys emergency line. They told us they could do nothing as the emergency line doesnt cover appliances, but they said they would put in a word to our property manager to get it sorted first thing the next morning. We waited. and we waited. it took until the following tuesday (thats 8 days) for them to actually get off their arses and organise someone to come out and take a look at it. They were booked to come on friday. On friday, they called and told us they were overbooked. So they asked if monday was ok. Begrudgingly, my partner said yes. We never received confirmation. All I can say is if they cancel again I shall be marching down to the offices and giving them a peice of my mind. 

I guess I wouldnt be so angry if they had organised the visit straight away. But it took them 8 days to even bother to book us a visit. And this isnt the first time they have dragged their heels either. It took 6 months for them to sort us out with a new fridge freezer when it started having failures. In my mind, that delay has already taken us past the point where we can be reasonably expected to live without an oven! 

I think what also makes me angry is the amount of money they charge us and the landlord for the privelige of being dicked around by them. The amount of money they extort out of us you would expect 24 carat gold customer service!

But anyway, enough of my ranting. The reason I am here is to share with you this recipe – having been away for a week I was really hoping to come home to a fixed oven. All I wanted was a nice big bowl of homemade lasagne. And I wanted to bake! On my arrival home, I was dissapointed to learn that the oven was still unusable and likely would be for a while longer. So I set about trying to find a recipe for something super tasty to bake without an oven. This is what I made – cinnamon buns!

And I made them in my slow cooker! Yes you heard that right! Here is the recipe I used:

It was so simple. I would reccomend it to anyone! And it sure scratched my baking itch!

The best part is, you would never ever guess it wasnt baked in the oven. It has a wonderfully light, sweet dough and is lovely warm or cold! Give it a go! You wont regret it!

And if you have any ideas for meals that you can do in a slow cooker or microwave that would be lovely! I have exhausted most conventional slow cooker meals! I am getting so bored of living without my oven!  

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