Another Birthday, Another Anniversary

This time it was my grandads birthday and my nan and grandads wedding anniversary. 

They were actually a week or two ago now but I have had so much going on with my new job and all the christmas posting and christmas sales that I never actually got around to posting a picture of these, so here they are now. 

I really love the card I made for my grandads birthday – I found an absolutely beautiful paper pack in the works. It was £6 but it was so worth it. The paper quality is beautiful, and some are embossed, some have been foiles and some of them are double sided, so you really do get your moneys worth. Whats more, they are man suitable! Hurray! Anyone who makes cards can tell you how god damned impossible it can be sometimes to find good quality man suitanle craft materials that dont have bloody football or cricket or other such macho sports that none of my family like on. So I was over the moon with this purchase.

I am not so keen on this anniversary card however. I really dont have anything in the way of anniversary supplies. Like, at all. Which is silly really – I mean, its not like a wedding or a new birth or a new job where perhaps you would only use the supplies once and then never have a use for them again, anniversarys are a yearly thing that I really should ought to be prepared for, but I wasnt. So this card was very much improvised. I used the edge of some scrap card to give me an edge on which to blot embossing ink in an attwmpt to create something that looked like a cake stand. I then fashioned some cakes out of some papers I got in a pack from poundland. Finally I added a trim of pearls to the edge of each cake. Never again. I know I am not very good at fiddly so you would think I would avoid it, but I guess I am a glutton for punishment, as I keep going back for more! 

Anyways, the recipients were happy, and that is all that matters really! 

Do you have something you keep doing despite being rubbish at it? 

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