Some More Christmas Cards

I am sure you are all now bored of my christmas card posts, but I have just 2 more to show you.

You see, When I made all of the cards for my sale, I made more than I needed so I could also send them off to people on my christmas card list. However, I did not make enough! Today, I went to write all of my christmas cards and realised I had 14 cards made but 20 people to send to. So out came the card making supplies and off I set. 

Both cards came to me relatively easy. I decided that for speed I would design 2 cards that I could make 3 each of, thus cutting down on time spent decoiding what to do. so I production lined it.

First, I did all of the stamping and applying of the embossing powders where neccesary. then I wacked out the heat embossing tool and did all relevent embossing. Once this was done I embossed all of the card blanks and die cut all the relevent shapes that were neccesary, and hand cut out all of the baubles that did not have corresponding dies (that was the most fiddly bit). Finally came assemblage. I used foam pads to give a bit of height and used a glue pen to stick down the fiddly bits of twine.

I love this first card as it really worked out super well. the paler blue baubles were actually cut from a peice of card that was actually just the backing to a free gift on the front of a magaxine. Waste not want not! And I really enjoy how the shapes in the front mirrored the embossed background.

This second card was a bit of a triumph for me. For a while now I had been wanting to experiment with colouring my stamps. It is something I had been worried about as I worried about my colouring skills and whether it would look too childish but I finally big the bullet and gave it a go and I am actually really pleased with the results. The bow along the bottom was a bit of an afterthought as the embossing folder wasnt quite big enough to cover the entire page, but I really think it just gives it an edge. 
Anyways, I shall be posting all of my christmas cards tomorrow. All things going well, this should mean they drop onto everyones door mats on the 1st of December. One less thing I need to worry about over the festive season! 

Have you posted your cards off yet? Are you an early bird or do you leave it until a bit closer to christmas? 

I am off to liverpool tomorrow night. Training for my new job. I shall be taking a buttload of yarn so prepare yourself for the torrent of projects! 

Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

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