Tasty Christmas Fudge

Yes more fudge! As you may now have guessed, I am a bit of a fudge addict. 

This particular time round, I was preparing for my annual trip to see my aunty to have a christmas craft bonanza! I always make some sort of yummy treat to take with me. Last year it was these Candycane Cookies. This year I decided on fudge. 

I used the same base recipe as my Caramac Fudge, which you can find here.

To make it festive, I added white chocolate and peppermint flavouring instead of caramac, and also about half a pot of Wiltons red food colouring gel. To finish it off, I added a liberal layer of Wiltons christmas sprinkles. 

Unfortunately, between me, my partner, my nan, grandad, auntie, mum and dad, we managed to scarf it all down before I could take a picture of it in its cube form, so the best I can do is this photo of it in the tin. 

You will just have to imagine the bright red fudgey bit underneath. 

It was scrummy! And I think my whole family loved it! I think this would definately be a wonderful christmas gift, as you can nock up a large amount in not very much time. 


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