A New Skill!

Wahoooooo! I have just 1 more day then I finally go back to work! I am so excited! Being a lady of leisure has been lovely. I have been able to be more creative. I have been able to improve my blog tenfold. I have added more recipes to my dinner repetoire. And most importantly I have been able to relax – my last job was so stressful, it was so high pressure and it wore me down. A combination of poor pay (we were payed less than the living wage, and werent given any extra pay for overtime, bank holidays, or even for working boxing day), complete lack of respect from the company, ridiculous hours, and poor working conditions. Lack of any natural lighting (I often did 10 hour shifts in a room with no windows at all) meant I had to take supplements. We are supposed to get 70 micrograms of Vitamin D a week but I was diagnosed with a severe Vitamin D deficiency and was prescribed 1500 Micrograms a week for 4 weeks just to get my levels back to normal. As well as this I had to take iron and folic acid. So as you can imagine it takes time to recover. So the 3 months of being a lady of leisure has been very beneficial. But now I am chomping at the bit to get back to work!

Anyways, I am popping in today to share with you a new skill that I learnt! I learnt to Knit! Well, I have learnt to Arm Knit.

My mum and I went to a fayre together on Friday, and towards the end we came across a stall that was offering an arm knitting lesson with supplies for £5 with the promise you would walk away with a finished infinity scarf! Bargain! So we booked ourself in. This is what I made!

They had the yarn for sale too so I bought a ball and promptly on my arrival home showed off my new skill by my partner by making another.

I love them! They are so simple! I think I may just wack out a bunch of them as reserve gifts! 

The yarn is lovely a soft. it is Hayfield Ripple.

What do you think? If you are stuck for christmas gifts it is a super quick ski to learn and once you have mastered it you can make a scarf in 15 minutes and maybe a blanket in an hour or two! Yay for speedy projects!

3 thoughts on “A New Skill!

  1. These look brilliant! I need to learn this for sure. Just FYI, this post did not show up in my Reader. It showed up in in my email tonight, next to your now globe post, but is dated two days ago? Not sure if something odd is happening but thought I would let you know. Good luck with the new job. I hope you love it!


    • No no dont worry – When I went into my app to write my post about the snow globes I realised I hadnt changed it from draft to publish so when I pressed publish it published it to the day I had planned it to go out. Thanks for noticing though! Its good to know someone is paying attention!

      As for the new job, all is good so far. Certainly seems to be a much better place than the old job! I am half security half customer service at Victoria, and so whilst the station might be closed security still has to take place. I did find out I am on a week of night shifts over new years so that should be interesting!

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