Cute Christmas Cards

Dont you just love a good paper pack.

I went into the works and whilst in there I found a wonderful christmas paper pack with little owls all over it. So I picked it up and as I went to pay I noticed that next to the till they had matching ribbons. So I bought 4 rolls. 

These are the cards I made using them. I cut out the shapes using one of my sizzix cartridge dies. I then used some double sided adhesive to craft a patchwork from the paper shapes. I then cut it into strips and mounted it onto the card, added a sentiment and ribbon and hey presto, a very pretty card.

My kitty was very amused with the sticky off cuts. That is, until the got it truck to her whiskers, at which point she weth into melt down. My partner had to chase her down to get it off her. She wasnt best pleased…

I will be selling these cards as part of my Mind Crafternoon on Friday 18th of November! You can join the Facebook event here:

And you can find the page on which I will be selling my items here:

All profits will go to Mind – you can find their website here!

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