How Many Steps…

Nothing crafty to report today. Well, I have completed both my mittens and am just rows away from completing my poncho, so expect patterns and pictures very soon.

What I do want to share is this:

As you will already know, I am attempting to loose a bit of weight. Well, a lot actually. 35kg (about 5 stone) in total. I use an app called UP which tracks my steps as well as my sleep and my calories. I wear the tracker on my wrist.

I was suprised just now when I opened the app to be told I had done 7517 steps today. Well thats news to me. I can assure you, all I have done today is crochet and glaze some clay creations. The only steps I have done have been trips to the toilet and trips to the coffee machine, and my flat being quite small means that each trip is only about 15 steps each way. I am no mathematician but i reckon that equates to about 190 trips to the loo/kitchen.

The same happened recently whist I was making cards. I have a manual die cutter and my step tracker mistook me cranking the handle on my die cutter as steps.

So this begs the questions – can I now class crocheting as my exercise for the day. They say you should do around 150 minutes of exercise a week. so if I do 21.3 minutes of crochet a day, can I tell my doctor I exercise regularly? Does anyone have any scientific evidence on this? I would love to know!

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