A Christmas Pledge

This year has been a bit difficult for me. At the beginning of the year, I had aimed to get a new job and pay off my debts by the end of the year. Unfortunately, I havent quite managed to achieve that goal.

I really tried to search for a new job, but it is so difficult when you are utterly exhausted all the time. So I struggled. I had a few assessments, but nothing ever went anywhere.

At the end of July, I left my job. I hated it so much. It made me sick, It made me angry. It made me fed up and irritable. It made me a crappy partner – I always came home, complained, lost my temper, and didn’t feel like doing anything, so my partner was left to do the housework and cooking.

Immediately on leaving, my life got better. I was happier, healthier, and in a much better place. And I was able to search for work much easier. I was also able to use that time to learn new skills and really improve my blog!

I now have a new job. But it has been a long time to wait. I applied for this job on just the second day after I left my previous job. But I had to go through an assessment center and two interviews to get to this point. I was offered the job on October 14th. But because there is so much paperwork to be done and rigmarole to get through I cant start until November 23rd. I am very excited to start, as it is basically my dream job, but this period of unemployment has left me a bit skint for christmas.

So this is my pledge. This year, I will hand make EVERY. SINGLE. GIFT.

This is something I have always dreamt of, but never really thought would be a reality. However, out of necessity this year, I am going to have to. But this doesnt mean rubbish gifts. Oh no! Hopefully, come christmas, I will have a heap of handmade gifts to show you that everyone will love. Here are some of my ideas:

1. Jam and Chutneys

2. Hanging Decorations

3. Candles

4. Sweet Treats

5. Spice Mixes

6. Infused Oils

7. Cosmetics

8. Crocheted Gear

9. Jewelry

10. Hot Chocolate

11. Games

12. Baking Kits

13. Alcoholic Infusions

14. Movie Night Kits

If you have any more suggestions, let me know! I would love some more ideas! What are you making this year?


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