Bake Off Week 10

Its all over! Boooo. I have never felt so devastated by the end of a television show. I was distraught when I found it would change over to chanel 4. I was worried chanel 4 would change the format a little or make it a bit more commercial, but I probably still would have watched. But without Mary Berry or Mel and Sue, I don’t think it is gonna be any good. what a sad time for the bake Off. 

As the final episode, and therefore the final installment in my Bake Off series, I thought I would take on the technical challenge and go back to basics. Here is my victoria sponge. 
I actually tried a new ingredient whilst making it. 

As your may know, me and my partner are currently trying to loose a bit of weight. Whilst I was out buying ingredients I noticed that Florence Quinine was just £1 at the mo, on a half price special offer. and for 500ml per bottle, that makes it more economical than standard butter. So whilst on offer, I thought I would give it a test run. Calorie wise, it’s about 100kcal less per 100g, which is great. But the most astonishing thing is the fact that per 100g there is about 70g less saturated fat! That’s enormous. the question now is wether it tastes just as good.

I would like to ask what method you use to make a Victoria Sponge. How do you mix it? 

Personally, I usually tend to mix the butter and sugar together first. then I cream in the flour and sugar alternately. This method means you don’t need to sift the flour, making it less washing up. It also results in an almost moussy consistency which when baked is lovely a fluffy. And it reduces the chance of curdling. On this particular occasion I had to sift the flour in as the flora cuisine meant the sugar and butter mixture was too wet to cream the flour into. 

Over all, the cake went fabulously. Unfortunately by the time I photographed it it was a bit squished so the jam and buttercream had lost their definition, but who cares. It was tasty and thats the main thing! I really liked the flora cuisine, as it was super smooth and easy to mix. ano it did not need to be left out to soften for ages, so it cut prep time considerably.

How did you feel about the results of the final. Who do you think should have won. And do you think you will tune in once it has moved to chanel 4? 

3 thoughts on “Bake Off Week 10

  1. I’ll give it a go on Channel 4 but I am not convinced! I wanted Selasi to win so was pretty gutted he didn’t make it to the final! Cake looks good! Not heard of that Flora product before but it sounds a good choice for less fats and calorie.

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