My Birthday Haul

As you will already know, it was my birthday on Friday. I thought I would share some of the crafty bits and bobs I was given, and the bits and bobs I bought on my birthday trip to Manchester. 

My partner got me this lovely journal. he recently saw a lot of stuff about bullet journals and thought it could be something we could do together. we both love being organised and I love stationary so this was a very thoughtful gift! 

He got me these stickers too to personalise my pages. I have been pinter eating like mad finding ideas for my journal. The beauty of a bullet journal is it can be whatever you want it to be, and you can be as creative as you like with it.

My mummy bought me this lovely yarn. I love it because it reminds me of my childhood doggy, Flash. Now I have to think what I can do with it. Any suggestions?

I bought these Kool-Aid sachets in Manchester. I have been wanting to try some yarn dying with kool aid for a while but have had trouble finding them. butility whilst in Manchester, I found an American candy store selling the sachets for just 50p each! Wahooo! I cannot wait to give it a go!

I found this wonderful Studio Ghibli sticker set. They are made specifically for journals, with see through bits to place over the numbers.

I found these Washi tapes for just 50p each. I pland to use these in my bullet journal too. I love all things green, so they caught my eye!

Finally, I got this lovely yarn. I found it in a lovely little independent store called Abkhan Fabrics in Manchester Northern Quarter. the staff were all super friendly and the stock was great! I bought this yarn for my partner, who really wants to knit himself some socks. He finds shop bought socks very boring, as he likes colourful socks. I thought this yarn was perfectly him, as it’s purple, his favourite colour, but it also has lots of colourful flecks in it.

All in all I had a lovely weekend. I had a great time in Manchester. As a railway enthusiast, I really enjoyed the trams. The noise they make is so cute, and the drivers were so friendly! As they moved down the tram they greeted everyone, and as they rolled into the stations they would sounded their horn and waved at the small children! I also had a lovely dinner – we went to buffet city, where I ate 3 plated of Chinese food followed by 15 different mini desserts and 3 flavours of ice cream! Yum! 

Now to relax. I finally have a start date for my new job, so I now need to get a move on with my crafting so it is all finished before I start. watch this space for plenty of crochet patterns, cards, decorations, bakes and more! and have a lovely week! 

3 thoughts on “My Birthday Haul

  1. I have major journal envy. What a beautiful present! Also, further to cats and Christmas trees, my sister and her partner have a Norwegian Forest cat who, apparently, despite loving all things sparkly and glittery, has shown no interest in their Christmas trees at all. So you might be ok with Max! If you aren’t, don’t sue me….

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