It’s my Birthday! 

Wahooo! It’s my birthday! Yay! The big 24. I know it’s not really big. I am sure most of you will tut at me, but becoming 24 is not something I am necessarily pleased about. I consider the transition from 23 to 24 to be the transition from your early 20’s to your mid 20’s, which until recently has been slightly anxiety enduring.  Mainly because I feel like being in your mid 20’s means you need to be responsible and have a grip on your life. And really, I didn’t feel like I did yet. Luckily, in the last few weeks of my early 20’s I got engaged and landed my dream job working for Network Rail, so things do seem like they are slotting into place nicely. So now I am more chill about the whole situation! Which is great – given that my fiancè is only 1 year and 3 months away from 30 he hates it when I go on about how big a deal it is to be turning 24! 

Anyways, today I came in to pose a question to all of my cat owning crafty friends. Are your cats the arch enemy of your crafting efforts. 

Yesterday I had my die cutter out. I was cutting out bulk quantities of stars and leaves and what not so I could get on with some repeatable card designs for my upcoming charity sale. And my cat had an absolute whale of a time trying to cause me as much annoyance as possible! 

She kept sitting on the back end of the cutter, scratching away at he plated as I fed them through, getting in the way of the handle, every time I removed the plates she would try to knock my dies away and she kept grabbing my paper and trying to run off with it. She was a nightmare.  At one point she even kept putting her legs infer the cutter trying to bat me the paper I had set down on the table next to the cutter. She really is a nightmare. 

So another question for you is this, if your cat is a nightmare with your craft supplies, how do you stop him/her. How do you fit in crafting when there is a destructive little minx always ready to mess with you! Any tips would be grand!

And whilst we are on the subject, any tips on cat proofing a Chris as tree? What works for you? How do you stop them destroying the tree.

Cheers for the help in advance! 

16 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday! 

  1. Sorry I missed this yesterday – Happy Belated Birthday!! Cats and craft just don’t mix well. My cat stole my (current) favourite die this week. He nabs things a lot! The best distraction I have is a Christmas bauble that is covered in tiny mirrors – basically like a glitter ball – that hangs in the window. If the sun is shining and you twirl it around he will just happily chase the pretty lights and let me get on. And as for Christmas tree vandalism, well, basically you are probably stuffed until she gets older!


  2. Happy Birthday!
    My cats are not very interested when I’m crafting stuff. Sometimes when I’m using yarn they try to play with it, so I put them outside the room I’m in and close the door 🙂

    As for the Christmas tree, well my cat loves it but outside trees are prettier. You could try hanging slices of oranges and lemons, cats hate lemons but I don’t know if dried slices would work, just to be sure avoid stuff made of glass 🙂


    • I may give that a go. I have heard they don’t like pine cones or Cinnamon either, so maybe I will make some kind of garland with pine cones and lemon and orange slices and Cinnamon. Cheers for the tip!


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