Bake Off Week 9

It’s the night of the final! Wahoo! It’s tinged with sadness as this will be the last series as we know it! In prep for the final, I have made these fondant fancies!

OK.  They look pretty poor, but they tasted good. 

You see, it all started so well. I had no trouble making the initial cake. That went fine. The only real difficulty was uniformity. I measured out where to slice so I am not entirely sure why there were varying sizes, but oh well. Not too much of a problem. 

But then it all went down hill from there… I really struggled with getting the buttercream on. Crumbs kept going all over the place, I had buttercream up my arms, and for the life of me I could not work out how to hold them without sticking my fingers in the icing. Perhaps I should have asked Google. But it was very difficult, so I was already getting frustrated.

Then came the fondant bit. Lord above, was this frustrating! The icing in of its self worked up nicely and coloured well, but I found it so difficult to get it all over the cake. So difficult in fact, that I threw in the towel. I gave up. 

They have all of the component parts. They just don’t look great. Maybe I can call them abstract. Or perhaps deconstructed fondant fancies. Or perhaps, I should just label them as they are. A mess. 

Oh well, we can’t all be great at everything! I definately won’t be trying to make these again, that’s for sure. I think I shall just leave it to Mr Kipling in the future!

5 thoughts on “Bake Off Week 9

  1. When I saw these on the programme I thought they were riddled with trickiness. I think you are brave for attempting them. Deconstructed is fine, and very on trend! Bet they tasted good!


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