30 Days of Crochet Day 22

Have you ever stricken someone off your to-crochet-for list because they didn’t appreciate/take care of your last crochet gift to them?

Not because they didn’t appreciate or take care of them. I mean, I have never witnessed anyone not appreciate what I have made for them, perhaps they are just good actors. 

Over the last couple of years I have basically moved almost everyone of the to crochet for list, purely because I am awful at time keeping – the christmas before the christmas before last, I made everyone a gift (that’s 14) but a lot of them were rushed as I left them last minute, so weren’t very good.Then the year before last year I just decided that if they weren’t finished in time I just wouldn’t give everyone a handmade gift, so I just prioritised. And sometimes they were slightly rushed – this bag was still being crocheted on the train to High Wycombe and was still being sewn together as we waited outside the station for its recipient to pick us up! Talk about cutting it close!

 Last year I did not make any hand made gifts. The only gift I crocheted was a commission for this Waistcoat, and as usual I left it to the last minute. It was commissioned by my partners step-mum as a gift for his teenage step-sister and I cut it so fine that I had to wrap it myself and then slide it under the christmas tree when she wasn’t looking!

  This year I have decided no-one is getting a crocheted gift – instead I will make gifts in other ways. 

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