Bake Off Week 8

It’s tudor week. Uh oh. This sounds complicated. Once again, I was partially foiled by my partners fussyness, this time with the marzipan challenge. I decided that it would have to be a pie. I love pie. My partner loves pie. And I am quite good at it. So I was looking forward to making a pie.

I decided to make a gala pie, using suet pastry. This was the first time I used suet, and I learnt 2 things. Number 1, it smells really gross, and number 2, it is so calorific! My partner and I have decided it’s time to loose a bit of weight – with suet having a whopping 860 calories per 100g, perhaps this wasn’t the week to start!

Anyways, I started by making some pastry. It was just flour, suet and water. This was easy enough. I then refrigerated it for a half hour. 

Then it was time for construction. 

We mixed the pork mince with some garlic, some salt and pepper, and some herbs. I rolled out the pastry and lined the tin, then filled it half way with thr pork mince. 

I made a trough in the pork mince and inserted some hard boiled eggs. I then covered it with more pork mince and placed on the pastry lid.

I decorated it with a dinosaur and some little leafs. We gave it a good egg washing and popped it in the oven. 

Unfortunately, there were some moisture issues and some shrinkage issued. Having never made a pie with uncooked meat (I usually make pies with pre cooked ingredients) I hadn’t accounted for these issues and didn’t know what to do to remedy them. The moisture affected the structural integrity of the pastry, and when I turned it out it kind of disintegrated on one corner. I also forgot to grease the tin before I put the pastry in, so the finish wasn’t the best. Having said that, It tasted good. Perhaps a little dry! But it was OK. 

Next week is patisserie. Sounds like a great excuse to make something extra fancy! Yum!

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