30 Days of Crochet Day 20

Do you crochet in public? Was anyone offended/incredibly happy/curious that you were doing so?

I do crochet in public. I crochet on the train. I crochet in the backs of cars. I crochet in the staff lunch room, I even used to crochet whilst working when it was slow. I used to crochet during lectures. I crochet in coffee shops and whilst waiting in waiting rooms. Its the only thing that keeps me sane. I have a real fear of wasted time. I get really stressed and upset if I feel like I have wasted time. And all those short periods of time on public transport and waiting in waiting rooms really add up! Prime time to whip out a project and get a few more rows in! 

I get the usual attention on public transport. Children watching and asking their parents what I am doing, a lot of people taking a sly look (on London transport people don’t want to look like they are interested because they have a mortal fear of human interaction!). On a long train ride to Portsmouth I had a lovely conversation with some older ladies who both crocheted and we’re very happy to see a youth who crocheted. I actually sort of prompted an impromptu yarn club at work, a couple of colleagues saw me crocheting and either decided to learn of realised they could also bring their projects with them. Sometimes there were as many as 4 of us having a crochet/knit and a natter.  People are generally really interested to see what I am making. And funnily enough, I find I work quicker when people are watching me. Maybe it’s a vanity thing – perhaps I am spurred on by people thinking I am great! Who knows!

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